Mark Peters


Untitled photo

I have enjoyed nature photography for many years.  Originally drawn to landscapes, I have used several film formats from 35mm to 4x5.  I made the transition to digital with all the style and grace one can expect from a low tech redneck.  

Having had a fascination with wildlife since a kid, it was a natural progression for me to take up wildlife photography. 

I am a retired  journeyman Hydro Electrician.  Have spent most of my life in the Columbia Basin of Eastern Washington.  Many of my images are from this area.

The history and grandeur of Western North America has always captivated me.  I am happiest wandering it's backroads, parks, and refuges.

My images have appeared in calendars, books, and publications including:  International Wildlife, Ranger Rick, Bugle, Nature Photographer, Mule Deer, and Montana Outdoors.